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Autosurf Investments To Avoid

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There you are many pubic Autosurf Investment opportunities available today. One simple search for “Autosurf” returns about 1 million results on Yahoo. Anyone could get started in these types of internet investments.

The question is – “Would you want to?”

With the ease at which budding HYIP “starters” can obtain scripts used by popular programs such as 12DailyPro, do you really want to invest your hard-earned cash with these people?

While reading various Autosurf related forums, it became obvious that these programs were nothing more than elaborate pyramid schemes put together with “ready-to-go” scripts. To avoid any legal issues, they claim to “pay you for viewing ads” and that the “investment” you make is, in fact, not an investment but a “membership fee”. Administrators of these programs claim that they are able to sustain paying high returns (usually over 30% per month) because of money coming in from people wanting to purchase untargeted traffic at their Autosurf. Do you believe them? I certainly don’t.

In the month of December, I managed to track 18 Autosurf closures. The real figure was probably more than that because new Autosurfs seem to spring up every day and disappear the next. On the 31st of December 2005, 12 new Autosurfs have miraculously appeared out of nowhere. How many will last one week? Not a lot.

Internet investments can be profitable though. You just have to know where to invest. My advice to newcomers would be to avoid investing in public Autosurfs completely. It’s not worth surfing an hour each day, just to lose your money to some 10-year-old crook with a script. Sure, there may be some which last for a longer period of time, but sooner of later they will close.

Instead, look for reliable private investments which have a great chance of surviving and have a constant stream of income. Private investments are usually have money coming in from trading on stock exchanges and buying small businesses. Although the returns may not be as great as promised by Autosurfs – they are much safer.

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Risk Management: Income, 401k, and IRA Programs

Take a tour of a professional investment managers' private SEP IRA program during ten years surrounding the financial crisis:


In developing the investment plan, personal financial goals, objectives, time frames, and future income requirements should all be considered. A first step would be to assure that small portfolios (under $50,000) are at least 50% income focused.

At the $100,000 level, between 30% and 40% income focused is fine, but above age 50, the income focus allocation needs to be no less than 40%... and it could increase in 10% increments every five years.

The "Income Bucket" of the Asset Allocation is itself a portfolio risk minimization tool, and when combined with an "Equity Bucket" that includes only Investment Grade Value Stocks, it becomes a very powerful risk regulator over the life of the portfolio.

Other Risk Minimizers include: "Working Capital Model" based Asset Allocation, fundamental quality based selection criteria, diversification and income production rules, and profit taking guidelines for all securities,

Dealing with changes in the Investment Environment productively involves a market/interest rate/economic cycle appreciation, as has evolved in the Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) methodology. Investors must formulate realistic expectations about investment securities--- by class and by type. This will help them deal more effectively with short term events, disruptions and dislocations.

Over the past twenty years, the market has transitioned into a "passive", more products than ever before, environment on the equity side...  while income purpose investing has actually become much easier in the right vehicles. MCIM relies on income closed end funds to power our programs.

To illustrate just how powerful the combination of highest quality equities plus long term closed end funds has been during this time... we have provided an audio PowerPoint that illustrates the development of a Self Directed IRA portfolio from 2004 through 2014.

Throughout the years surrounding the "Financial Crisis", Annual income nearly tripled from $8,400 to $23,400 and Working Capital grew 80% $198,000 to $356,000.

Total income is 6.5% of capital and more than covers the RMD.

Managing income purpose securities requires price volatility understanding and disciplined income reinvestment protocals. "Total realized return" (emphasis on the realized) and compound earnings growth are the key elements. All forms of income secuities are liquid when dealt with in Closed End Funds. 

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