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Spy software is not spyware industry advocates such as Tom Bilyeu, CMO of Awareness Technologies state. He adds that spy software is purposed to protect property and save family structure unlike spyware which is designed to do the opposite.

Spy ware, monitoring software and key logging are all words people commonly associated with malicious attempts to hack into computers and steal information or identities. While monitoring software can be bad if it is used wrongly for spy ware, viruses and Trojans; monitoring software (the industry calls is "spy software") can also have major benefits for businesses and help protect your family from dangers found on the internet if used properly.

Top of the line spy software and monitoring systems have been in use for several years with government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security. These organizations use spy software to catch criminals and counter terrorism. Today, Awareness Technologies, Inc. in Marina del Rey, California brings the benefits and high tech systems to businesses and household users with their two products SONARand WebWatcher.

Monitoring software can be installed on computers by business owners, school administrators, parents or anyone who owns a computer. The user doesn't have to know about the installation but when people are hired or enrolled they should sign agreements to reasonable computer monitoring. Despite the controversies, businesses and parents can enjoy many benefits by installing a monitoring system on business or home computers.

For businesses, Awareness Technologies offers SONAR; an excellent all-in-one monitoring system. SONAR allows business owners to monitor and control all activity on every personal computer within the organization. In addition, the software also lets you monitor computers that aren't a part of the network and laptops that are always on the move. SONAR allows you to monitor and read any employee communications including instant messages. You can monitor and filter internet use and software application. SONAR allows you to log all keystrokes and take screenshots of any suspicious computer activity. Having this ability to understand your employees offers many benefits.

As a business, you likely have to deal with employees using the internet inappropriately. If you have suspicions about certain employees, you can use the SONAR system to track the internet use of these employees. Reducing inappropriate use of the internet in your business can reduce the amount of productivity and revenue that you lose during the time when your employees should be working.

By using the SONAR monitoring system, you can increase your employees' productivity. When employees waste valuable time during personal tasks at work such as stock trading, online shopping, gaming, personal chats and downloads the company can suffer a loss of profits. By increasing your employee productivity, you can reduce costs and increase your profits.

Consider the most important aspect of your company, the information; how secure is it? Does your company have trade secrets, source code and programming, records, customer information and contacts, strategies and product development? Then the SONAR monitoring system can benefit your company. Any of the above information can be available to employees and as a result is subject to leaks.

Firewalls, passwords, encryption and other security systems can only protect part of your company information. These systems can't help protect you against employees who are in a position to pass the information to people outside your company. With SONAR you can monitor the computer activity of your employees and record or print any suspicious activity. This allows you to keep track of who printed, copied, sent or received confidential company information. What is even better is that SONAR lets you take a visual screenshot. This way you can visually find what you are looking for rather than sift through countless lines of computer code. When you have the ability to know exactly who leaks information, your chances of having leaks is greatly reduced compared to other security methods.

Another factor that can affect businesses is lost information. With so many ways to lose company information including emails, chats and instant messages, it is important to have a good system of recording and recovering information. Technology has made communication easier, but data has become harder to file as a result. By monitoring your employees with SONAR you can log, store and retrieve information whenever you need whether it you have lost files, customer communications or abusive and criminal activities by employees.

It is easy to see why SONAR is an excellent choice for businesses that need an employee monitoring system, but how can a monitoring system help with a home computer system? Awareness Technologies offers WebWatcher, a user-friendly computer system that allows you to view online activities in real time from any location. WebWatcher runs invisibly and does all the work for you so you can easily monitor and control your personal computer usage. Although why would you need monitoring on your personal computer? Consider two areas where WebWatcher can benefit you and your family.

As a parent, you are likely aware of the dangers your child faces every day. However, there are many other dangers to your child on the internet of which you may not be aware. With WebWatcher, you can monitor all of your child's internet activities from anywhere. You can access the monitoring system from anywhere in the world as long as you have a standard web browser. You can monitor which websites your children are visiting, set the system to snap a screenshot whenever a certain keyword is used and even choose to block websites that you don't want your children to view. This provides you with an easy and simple way to keep your children safe online.

If you don't have children you can still use WebWatcher to monitor computer activity in your house. You can use spy software to remotely monitor your computer and catch a cheating spouse if you are noticing suspicious activity. WebWatcher allows you to see what has been done on your spouse's computer without you have to physically access the computer yourself. Simply log into your account from another computer and view any recorded data.

What makes WebWatcher such an excellent system from the general user is its ease of use. The program doesn't simply record all data on the computer like other systems; rather it has a content filtering system that allows you to place a priority on certain data. This way you can go directly to the information you need without needing to sift through all other data files on the computer.

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In developing the investment plan, personal financial goals, objectives, time frames, and future income requirements should all be considered. A first step would be to assure that small portfolios (under $50,000) are at least 50% income focused.

At the $100,000 level, between 30% and 40% income focused is fine, but above age 50, the income focus allocation needs to be no less than 40%... and it could increase in 10% increments every five years.

The "Income Bucket" of the Asset Allocation is itself a portfolio risk minimization tool, and when combined with an "Equity Bucket" that includes only Investment Grade Value Stocks, it becomes a very powerful risk regulator over the life of the portfolio.

Other Risk Minimizers include: "Working Capital Model" based Asset Allocation, fundamental quality based selection criteria, diversification and income production rules, and profit taking guidelines for all securities,

Dealing with changes in the Investment Environment productively involves a market/interest rate/economic cycle appreciation, as has evolved in the Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) methodology. Investors must formulate realistic expectations about investment securities--- by class and by type. This will help them deal more effectively with short term events, disruptions and dislocations.

Over the past twenty years, the market has transitioned into a "passive", more products than ever before, environment on the equity side...  while income purpose investing has actually become much easier in the right vehicles. MCIM relies on income closed end funds to power our programs.

To illustrate just how powerful the combination of highest quality equities plus long term closed end funds has been during this time... we have provided an audio PowerPoint that illustrates the development of a Self Directed IRA portfolio from 2004 through 2014.

Throughout the years surrounding the "Financial Crisis", Annual income nearly tripled from $8,400 to $23,400 and Working Capital grew 80% $198,000 to $356,000.

Total income is 6.5% of capital and more than covers the RMD.

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